AtomA was formed in 2011 from the ashes of doom metallers Slumber, to become an escapism playground taking the band far from earth, where obsession of ideas and innovations constantly drove the group to try achieving new ways of expressions within the ambient/metal/rock sphere. The band set out to explore vast spaces of soundscapes in music that was not driven by genre, but by astral atmospheres and heavy melodies. The more difficult reality and life became to understand, the group indulged more and more in escapism through music and hallucinogens to create other worlds. The first one is the newly released debut "Skylight".

"Skylight" was recorded during eight weeks in 2010 at The Panic Room and was created with AtomA's official sound-engineer partner Thomas 'Plec' Johansson (Watain, Torchbearer, Scar Symmetry). Post rock/metal in majestic symphonic arrangements converges seamlessly through the gothic, ambient and electro influences, making "Skylight" a very dynamic album with deep astmophere. The debut album consists of 10 dark and heavy songs that are well written and well played. AtomA brings something new and exciting to today's music climate and the debut "Skylight" is a very intriguing album and journey.

AtomA sets the environment for its debut 'Skylight' in outer space, where a few astronauts are lost and travelling through planets, searching for a refuge. The songs and lyrics picks up moods/atmospheres in these astronaut's minds and emotions, as they're drifting through space to ultimately find a unique anomaly on a strange planet, the monolith symbol of AtomA (cover artwork). The story of the astronauts very much reflects the groups own alienation and detachment from the world, and also a deep longing for an unknown home. Goodbye planet Earth...

/ All Systems Go!

AtomA is:
Ehsan K - Vocals / Synth
Markus H - Guitar
Siavosh B - Bass
Oscar Borgenstam – Drums
Christian Älvestam – Guitar/ Backing vocal

Featured artists on the album:
Henrik B - (Atoma, Solaris, Saturn and I)
Ida Sundqvist - (Solaris, Rainmen & Cloud Nine)
Thomas Plec Johansson - (Saturn and I)

AtomA writing new album ‘Nova’

For those interested in following the process of an AtomA album, you can follow the diary that will continue until the album is released.

Merchandise canceled

Due to several reasons Merch was canceled. Hopefully in a few months we will have the merch section up and running.

There are no shows booked right now.

Coming soon...

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